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Metal Monthly: Dario, Thanks for your time bro, I know you are a busy guy, welcome to Metal Monthly

Dario: Thanks for having me.

Metal Monthly: Tell our readers what you are up to these days with Jani Lane?

Dario: Well, I started playing with Jani when I was 16 years old. I toured with him for two years and I just finished up some of my last shows with him, at least for a while as he has rejoined Warrant and I am debuting with my new original band KarnevaL Saturday, July 12th at this year's Rocklahoma.

Metal Monthly: Cheers to KarnevaL, so how did you get that gig with Jani?

Dario: I saw an ad on MySpace saying Jani was looking for a guitar player. I responded with an email and then my manger got in contact with his. I was in Germany for the first time at the time this was happening for the annual Muskiness, and let me just say, trying to dial out of the country and determine the time differences was a bit of a struggle. Haha!
I ended up getting a hold of him despite the 9 hour time difference and we lined my audition up in L.A. for the week I got back to the states. It was at a rehearsal studio in Hollywood and Jani played drums and sang the Warrant tunes which was cool because prior to that I had no idea he played drums, and Phil Soussan from Ozzy played bass. After the audition I was back in Vegas where I had to record several Warrant songs and send them over to Jani and his management, I panned my guitar track to one side and the actual song to the other. About 1 week after I was informed I got it.

Metal Monthly: Before The Jani Lane Band, What projects have you been in?

Dario: I played in an original band when I was 15 called Cyrus Zain. We played several shows here in Vegas, one of which was opening for Dokken. The other members were in there 30's. I had a great time with that.

Metal Monthly: How often do you hear that you are so much like Randy Rhoads?

Dario: All the time! He is definitely an idle of mine and for people to think that is definitely an honor.

Metal Monthly: Are you still teaching Guitar instruction here in Vegas? And you have a video out too?

Dario: Yes, I teach on a weekly basis. My instructional video was released two years ago. It's geared towards a younger audience and teaches the basics of Rock guitar, blues, pentatonic scales, power chords and a few cool lead licks. It's titled "Rock Begins".

Metal Monthly: Cool, I bought a copy for my kid...Do you have a favorite Venue to play? How about a favorite in Vegas? Or place were you have had the most stage time?

Dario: That is a tough question because I've had the opportunity to play so many places. To pick a favorite would be hard to do, but one that I really enjoyed was the Kalamazoo State Theater in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The theater was beautiful, and the stage was killer.

Metal Monthly: Cool...What was your first guitar solo, or riff that you mastered, and made you think that you can take it to the next level?

Dario: I'm not sure about mastered, but I played Hot For Teacher with the Van Halen tribute band "The Atomic Punks" when I was 15 and I felt like I got a pretty good wack at it.

Metal Monthly: How was NAMM this year? ( I saw you when I was 3rd in Line for Nikki Sixx)

Dario: This year was extremely busy but every year is always a blast.

Metal Monthly: Here is a standard Question I ask most Bands: If you could send one cd/album up in the space shuttle to be left on another planet, to be found by other life what cd/album would you send to represent American Metal?

Dario: Van Halen's "Van Halen". If there are aliens, they might be able to relate well to those tapping riffs at the end of Eruption!

Metal Monthly: What are you currently listening to on your ipod/cd player?

Dario: I tend to go through phases where I'll listen to a band over and over until I get sick of them, then I move on to another, the sickness only last's for a short period of time though. I'm really into The Cult at the moment.

Metal Monthly: When you were growing up what music did you listen to?

Dario: All the old school hard rock, Van Halen, Skid Row, Motley Crue, Mr. Big, Ozzy !

Metal Monthly: Do you also have a MySpace site?

Dario: Yes,

Metal Monthly: What can we expect from Dario for 2008 ?

Dario: My new original band, KarnevaL, which is my main focus. Music will be available for listening soon. Like I said, we are debuting Saturday, July 12th at Rocklahoma.

Metal Monthly: Awesome...Big Show! ...So who is the one musician who has had the biggest influence on your playing style? Who is the one individual who has had the biggest influence on your life?

Dario: Van Halen inspired me to play the guitar, Paul Gilbert has had a huge influence on me as a player, and the TWO individuals who have the biggest influence in my life are my Mom and Dad.

Metal Monthly: When will I see you play live in Vegas again?

Dario: KarnevaL will be playing here at Rox after Rocklahoma. The date is to be announced.

Metal Monthly: Props to you Dario, I have seen many players in the Vegas Scene, and many hacks! You got skills Bro, and I know we will be seeing big things from you to come

Dario: Thanks for your kind words and support

Metal Monthly: Thanks So Much for your time, is there anything else you would like to plug or add for our readers?

Dario: Visit me on MySpace: and KarnevaL:

Metal Monthly: Thanks Dario for your time, Keep On Rockin!

Dario: No problem! Thanks again.

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