Realtors Turn To 3D Printers To Create New Home Mock Ups

When it comes to comparing  a 3d printer with a regular printer, it has been found that 3d printers are more efficient and more effective in terms of how they are able to bring out a certain image. Below are some of the comparisons that we made in regards to a 3d printer versus a regular printer.

Thanks to the various advancements that have taken place in terms of how 3d is able to work, 3d can now be used in the making of objects out of specific metals like polymers. It is, however, important to keep in mind that the use of this specific materials require that you make use of different models of the 3d printers that have been specifically designed to be used by this kind of materials. Compared to a regular printer, the user is not given the ability to choose the different kinds of materials that are going to be used. There is only one specific material that you can easily make use of. However, this may also be a problem when it comes to 3d printing especially if the material that is needed for a given part cannot be found.

When you have already moved from the prototyping phase which is easier to handle with a 3d printer. The next thing that you need to do is to start producing things at a very fast speed at this is where 3d printing is less efficient compared to a regular printer especially because of its additive process.

Even though when it comes to 3d you may not need to retool during the production process which is a plus, the speed in which a 3d printer makes use of to assemble the objects is relatively slower compared to how a regular printer is able to work. The 3d printer will require that you assemble each of the objects one after the other layer by layer. This is going to be much slower compared to

Therefore, even though a 3d printer is way shorter when it comes to the lead time, it cannot be able to compete with the speed that a regular printer  has.

Compared to a regular printer, the manufacturing of large-scale parts can be a very difficult task when it comes to the making use of a 3d printer. When you are making use of a 3d printer, you are usually restricted to the total area of the printing bed when it comes to the making of each of your parts. Compared to a regular printer, you may need to create a few pieces first for you to assemble them later when it comes to a 3d printer.