Sectas is a spanish word for Cults. And based on ‘ Voices of the Damaged ‘ , Sectas is in for a definite cult like following that thrives on the blessings of maximum metal.
Upon first listen with “When You See Me Die”, it is immediately evident that this band not only has tremendous musicianship, but strong song writing skills with meaningful lyricism.
Kicking off with an ominous and driving Bass line, ” System “ kicks in as a hynotically heavy tune that really highlights the vocal skills of Christian Lee.
” Control “ blends the Bands varied influences and produces a truly awesome song that highlights the skills of the Band as a unit and as individuals. This is tight with a frentic pace.
The introductory lines of ” You belong to Me “ lead us into a story that’s told as much musically as it is lyrically. This is well put together and most definitely grabs you by the throat and takes you for a fast ride.
These are just a few of my musical observations on this CD, however the music really does speak for itself. All the accolades in the world can’t replace cranking it up and this CRANKS very, very well.
Overall, what really impressed me the most about Voices of the Damaged is that this Band uses an awesome blend of musicianship, songwriting, and artistry that keeps you locked in from track to track and leaves you wanting more. And the one thing that stands out above all is that Sectas simply rocks.
If you like kick ass metal, than by all means, get a copy of “Voices of the Damaged. ” You’ll thank yourself.